Just what the heck, you may be wondering, is the WFTL-LUG? Well, a LUG is a Linux User Group and the WFTL LUG is a global, distributed, Linux User Group. It's a virtual meeting place, provided by your host, Marcel Gagné, where you can share information, ideas, and ask questions regarding Linux and other free and open source software. This site is the LUG's Web home, and you are welcome to participate here, but most of the action takes place via our mailing list.

Despite being a LUG without borders, the WFTL-LUG is listed with CLUE as a Canadian LUG.

This particular site provides links to WFTL-LUG related information, including members' own home pages, articles and books written by members, and other information of interest to the WFTL-LUG. There's also a virtual home on IRC for the WFTL-LUG where people can chat 24 hours a day. To connect, point your favorite IRC client to irc.marcelgagne.com and join channel #wftlchat. If you don't have an IRC client, use this link to connect using any pretty much any modern browser. The observant visitor will notice that there's only so much activity on this Website. That's because the action really takes place in the WFTL-LUG mailing list. For a sample of what goes on there, check the archives.

Other WFTL-LUG related links include:

Okay, I'm almost sold. Anything else you want to tell me about the WFTL-LUG? Sure . . . The WFTL-LUG is a good and enthusiastic crowd and the members tend to stay on topic, namely Linux. Our group consists of people whose experience with Linux runs the gamut from new users to experienced, long time users. People gladly share that experience and encourage you to ask questions and, in time, provide answers to others. There's no cost to join, you can select digest or individual message delivery, and you can leave at any time. It's basically a great place to chat with other people who are moving (or have moved) to Linux. Discussions may spring from my books or articles, or anything else related to Linux in general. This list is not moderated, but . . . I am watching, so be good. This is designed to be a place for information exchange, not an arena for flames (although light conversation that is more or less on topic is permitted).

WFTL also stands for Writer and Free Thinker at Large, a handle I have used for many years now. And yes, those letters also appear on my personalized license plates.