FC6 Wireless

I have been using the 64 bit edition of Fedora Core 6 for a few weeks now and I am really impressed with the speed of it all. The main problem I had was getting the wireless adapter to work, I had gone into The #fedora channel for some help, and all I got several times on different days was "use Ndiswrapper" after telling them that that was what I was trying, I was ignored. This is the problem in Linux, and the reason I try my hardest to support it. When people get flustered with it, they are flustered with you, and you may nit be the problem, that is why when I get that way, I stop working on what I has flustered me and go onto something new, or I just play a game.

When people confront me when they are like that I have to be very careful how I answer them as I may come across as being smart or smug. I have to remind myself to always say I realise that you may have been asked this, but have you done this. This is what the Linux community needs to work on as that is the main complaint I have recieved through all of my conulting. Other than that.... KEEP UP THE HARD WORK!!