Serving the Gaming community on Open Source

One of the great things I love about Linux is the power and flexibility. I've always said that Linux is configurable to the n'th degree, and the fact that I can use it for a desktop or for a server is another reason I Linux gets an A+ grade.

Over the past 6 years I've had my eye on an open source game called The Mana World. The Mana World is a role playing-style game set in an ANIME-based world. I played on and off for a number of years and started a blog last year documenting the game.

Now I've set up a server so others can enjoy the game in a more private setting than the main server.

First download the client from Clients exist for Windows and Linux, the Mac OS/X client is currently broke I believe.

Playing on the main server currently requires registration through the web site, but you can also play through a number of other servers listed on the TMW web site.

To play on my server just change the server setting from to Special quest for those interested: See if you can find out what Auldsbel refers to ;-)