From Thomas the Tank Engine, a little song . . .

Little engines,
Little engines,
Little engines can do the biggest things.
Little engines,
Little engines,
Little engines can do most anything. (Thanks Marcel-I am a parent too.)

Just wanted to share something that is amazing me.

Before I do, I need to preface it. As some of you may remember, 2 distros signed pacts with Microsoft in a short time. Those were Linspire and Xandros. Since 2004 I have been a Linspire Insider. I also had Linspire as a client writing Channel Training materials for their commercial vendors. I even aided with their involvement in Indiana's One for One Linux pilot by way of creating and executing a 3 day training session to Indiana Board of Education IT pros (Linux boot camp if you will). When they launched Freespire, I drafted the base document that became the Community Board Bylaws and was elected as the Vice Chair of the community board. Those were good times. We believed in something.

I was as upset about this deal as many others were. I even had a phone call with Kevin Carmony regarding the matter.

Well, at one point on the forums, Kevin Carmony told some upset members that if they did not like the way things were, they can start their own distro and see how it goes. So, former Freespire Leadership Board member Chris Medico assembled a team, of which I was honored to be asked to be a part of, which he lovingly calls Freedom Force. Within weeks, this new project, based on Kubuntu, had an Alpha. The project is called KlikIt Linux.

We decided community is as important, if not more important, than technology.

Anyway, within a short time our community grew to 50, then 100, then more. It has not grown by us marketing. It has been organic word of mouth in Microsoft Software forums, Xandros Foums, Linspire, PCLOS, Mint, Kubuntu, etc. The word keeps spreading, people like it, and they like the community.

I will be honest, I expected it to be a fun project that would last a few months and be forgotten, but it looks like it has grown teeth and wings and is taking flight. It is only Alpha right now, but it is growing and it as stable, in my opinion, as some final releases. We will be calling it BETA soon.

The below quote is by our newest member, the creator of Remastersys. I thought I would share.

"Wow is all I can say. I am very honoured that Klikit was created using remastersys. I was actually thinking of dropping the dist function but I guess I won't be doing that now - lol.

Thanks for the very warm welcome from everyone.

I'm still working on refining remastersys and a large part of that will happen starting here with Klikit.

I will be making a gui frontend to it so the average user can make their own backup without having to drop to the cli or console.

Just so you all know, Klikit is now my main Linux OS, occupying the first 40 Gig of my extended partition. I really prefer KDe over anything else and the app choices in Klikit are exactly what I would have chosen myself.

Its great to be here and I'm thrilled that it has played the role it did for creating Klikit.

To all who are involved in the creation of Klikit - keep up the great work.

I think you are selling yourselves short by labelling it "alpha" though. This is far beyond alpha state in terms of stability and usability."

With each Alpha release it gets more and more robust. We have many other people telling us we should call it a Beta. Chris (our fearless leader) really wants to lick one pesky grub bug before we call it beta.

So, why am I rambling about this? When we first started I thought it would be a nice little project. We would have fun for a few months and get to say, "Hey! I made a distro". Even in the alpha stage we have attracted attention.
I am now beginning to realize that this project by friends and for friends that we did for fun has some real potential here.

I am NOT asking anyone to switch distros. If you have found something that works for you, please stay with it. I have never been one for distro wars. I am asking you to do me a favor. Feel free to go to the website, , download the latest Alpha DVD ISO, poke around the forums, and tell me what you think.

One final note, contrary to some speculation, KlikIt Linux is not a fork of Linspire, Freespire, or CNR. To be fair, there is a fork aspect. That is the community. At this time, the majority of people in the KlikIt community consist of former Freespire and Linspire board members, insiders, and community members. Following that is Xandros refugees. So, in that regard...we are a fork. We have taken the best element of Linspire and Xandros...the users. They are a very loyal and helpful lot of people with broad diversity. They represent the best of the social aspect of the bazaar.