Welcome to the home of the Lug-Nuts! This is the WFTL-LUG. Just what the heck, you may be wondering, is the WFTL-LUG? Well, a LUG is a Linux User Group and the WFTL LUG is a global, distributed, Linux User Group. Last time I bothered to count, we had representatives from nearly 60 countries! It's a virtual meeting place, provided by your host, Marcel Gagné, where you can share information, ideas, and ask questions regarding Linux and other free and open source software. This site is the LUG's Web home, and there's lots to see, read, and do, and you are more than welcome to participate here, but for historical (or histerical) reasons, almost all of the action takes place via our mailing list. If you need more than this brief introduction or you have no idea why you are here, why not take a few minutes to read about the WFTL-LUG, the site, and a whole lot more, by clicking right here.

Enjoy your stay!